The school is now closed for the summer break. All children return to school on Thursday 3rd September. Please refer to the letters dated 15th July for the start and finish times for your child. These letters can be found in the letters section of this website should you not have received a copy. Thank you

Welcome to

St Christopher's Churchof England Primary School


Positivity, Respect, Independence, Determination, Equality in our distinctly Christian environment

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs Caroline James

Deputy Headteacher - Miss Chloe Brown

Assistant Headteacher and SENCo - Mrs Anita Warren


Teaching Staff

Eagles (Year 6) - Mrs Megan Macro

Hawks (Year 5) - Miss Louise Hurrell

Buzzards (Year 5) - Miss Amanda Smart

Kestrels (Year 4) - Mr Simon Goddard

Falcons (Year 4) - Mr Luke Etheridge

Doves (Year 3) - Mrs Carolyn Snowling 

Larks (Year 3) - Miss Beth Sadler

Puffins (Year 2) - Mrs Sam Stevens

Kingfishers (Year 2) - Miss Hannah Cornish/Mrs Laura Heffernan

Swifts (Year 1) - Miss Lucy Fraser

Robins (Year 1) - Miss Hannah Cornish/Mrs Sarah Clark

Cygnets (Early Years) - Mr James Johnson

Ducklings (Early Years) - Miss Bianca Coetzee


Learning Support Staff

Cover Supervisor - Miss Petra Drobnikova

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Nicola Bowen

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jude Bryant

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Cheryl Fayers

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Elisa Smith

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Lea Ribbon

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Chloe Cullum

Teaching Assistant - Miss Stacie Lane

Teaching Assistant - Miss Phillippa Palmer

Early Years Key Worker - Mrs Emily Bridge

Early Years Key Worker - Mrs Jackie Fisher

Early Years Key Worker - Mrs Carolyn Packham


Social & Emotional Support Worker/Teaching Assistant - Mrs Melanie Howlett

Social & Emotional Support Worker & Behaviour Support Assistant - Miss Stephanie Dunmore


Midday Supervisor - Mrs Karen Thorpe

Midday Supervisor - Mrs Kim Turrell

Midday Supervisor - Mrs Clare Blackgrove

Midday Supervisor - Miss Rebecca Graham

Midday Supervisor - Mrs Kiri Doggett 


Breakfast Club Supervisor (Early Birds)- Miss Stephanie Dunmore

Breakfast Club Supervisor (Early Birds)- Mrs Mary Ibbs

Breakfast Club Assistant (Early Birds) - Mrs Jo Simmons


After School Provision (Night Owls) - Mrs Melanie Howlett

After School Provision (Night Owls) - Mrs Mary Ibbs




Other Support Staff

Office Administrator, Attendance & HR - Mrs Paula Evans

Admin Officer - Mrs Tracey Sheppard

School Secretary - Mrs Elaine Simpson


Site Manager - Mr Lance Thatcher

Cleaner - Mr Neville Wright

Cleaner - Mrs Karen Thorpe

Cleaner - Miss Carly Lambert