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VE Day - 75th Anniversary

VE Day

75th Anniversary 

Friday 8th May 2020

What is VE Day? 

VE Day or 'Victory in Europe Day' marked the end of Europe’s involvement in the Second World War.

On Tuesday 8th May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before. VE day was an emotional day that millions of people had been waiting for. Many people were extremely happy that the fighting had stopped and there were big celebrations and street parties. It is important to note that this was not the end of World War Two (WW2) but it was the end of Europe's involvement in it.

The powerpoint below explains in more detail.

How did people in Suffolk celebrate?

People in Suffolk celebrated with street parties like the rest of the country. Below are some pictures from Suffolk Street parties on the original VE day in 1945. These pictures were very kindly given to us by Hannah Salisbury from the Suffolk Archives.

Our Challenge to You

We were planning on having a street party in school to help celebrate VE Day. However, due to most of us not being at school at the moment we thought it would be nice if we each had a 'stay at home'street party to help commemorate VE day. Below are some ideas you could use to help make your party fun. 

Remember to send photos of your 'stay at home' street party to your teacher on Class Dojo as we'd love to make a fantastic history display when we are all back together. 

Here are some of our VE Day celebrations ...