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We started our year by learning about the Great Fire of London. The children made thier own houses to look like houses from 1666. Complete with wooden beams and a thatched roof. We had a fantastic finale by having our very own Great Fire of Red Lodge where we burt our houses and watched how quickly the fire must have spread. 

Great Fire of London

We have worked very hard in our core subjects. We have been focussing on spotting digraphs and trigraphs in phonics. We took the opportunitity to take phonics outside practising writing words with digraphs in.


In maths we have learns about positional language, doubling, 2D and 3D shapes and numbers up to 20. The children have loved using practical resources to help them in their maths. 


In writing we have started learning about instruction writing- The children loved following instructions to make a jam sandwich (and eating it too!)




We have started learning about Florence Nightingale. We have loved leanring all about her life, making lanterns and all about her pet tortoise. The children loved their big start of being nurses to help all of the Robins class toys get better after a mysterious illness one lunchtime! Poor teddies!
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