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Welcome to

St Christopher's Churchof England Primary School


Positivity, Respect, Independence, Determination, Equality in our distinctly Christian environment


We had a great day during World Maths Day. Puffin Class dressed as robots to celebrate their appreciation of Numbots which helps Key Stage 1 with their maths skills.

Welcome back! We are looking forward to our new topic of Animals Including Humans. In PSHE we have been celebrating gratitude.

A big WELCOME BACK! Here Puffin class are so excited to be starting their new topic of Animals Including Humans. In PSHE we have been exploring gratitude and made a gratitude tree celebrating all we are grateful for.


Welcome to Puffins Class 2020/21

Puffin Class enjoying a big start to one of our topics!

We have been investigating plants. Here we are trying to work out why our seedling is pale compared to other plants...

Wonderful World Book Day! Great costumes everyone!

Fantastic India Day! Looking at artefacts.

Wow! Amazing performance in your Christmas play, Puffins, brilliant singing and acting!

We've started rehearsals for our Christmas performance!

Working very hard on our Christmas performance!

We have started our topic of The Great Fire of London!

Hello and welcome to Puffin Class page 2018/2019!

Tuesday we made birdfeeders as part of bird day! We made them from lard and birdseed.

Yesterday we released 10 butterflies into the wild. We discussed why we were releasing them and that we could not provide opportunities for them to lay eggs and find food. We also discussed what would happen to them in the wild. It was a sad moment but we all agreed it was important to release them.

Exciting News! During science we have been looking at lifecycles of animals and humans, we are pleased to say we took delivery of 10 caterpillars, we have watched them grow and shed their skin, finally today they formed their chrysalis and we are waiting for them to turn into beautiful butterflies!


British Values in Puffin Class..

Puffin Class looked at the laws they would like to invent.

These were:

Tidy up after yourself.

Play nicely with others.

Keep yourself clean.

Ask if you would like to take something from someone.


We thought they were really good laws!

We acted them out using freeze frame.


Tidy up after yourself.

Here the children are freeze framing cleaning up after themselves.




Welcome to Puffins!


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