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Positivity, Respect, Independence, Determination, Equality in our distinctly Christian environment


Sports Day 2021!

Red Nose Day 2021!

Red Nose Day 2021! To do our bit and raise money for Comic Relief, the children came to school dressed as their favourite superheroes or wore something red. Everyone also created and designed their own superhero mask as well. The money raised by the pupils is spent by Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world's poorest countries.

Rockstars Day! (2020/21)

To celebrate World Maths Day, children had the opportunity to dress up as rockstars based on our successful maths homework programme 'Times Table Rock Stars'. The focus of the day was to practise their number skills and especially their timestables! The children took part in a number of fun, practical maths activities throughout the day.

Stone Age to Iron Age! - Autumn (2020/2021)

To introduce our new topic we completed our class project of making a giant mammoth using lots of different materials. Within our Stone Age topic we've been learning lots about how people survived this time when mammoths and cave paintings were around! Following the Stone Age, we've learned about the Bronze Age and Iron Age too. Most recently, we've been learning about Stonehenge and why they built this stone mystery! 

Stonehenge Art!

Welcome to Larks Class! 2020/21

Country Trust (2019/20)


We have been incredibly lucky to experience Country Trust with Sally this year. We had the opportunity to complete growing sessions (including sowing seeds for crops and learning all about fruit and vegetables), food discovery (including making delicious vegetable soup!) and selling fruit and vegetables on a playground market. Linking this learning to other lessons, such as maths to work out what prices to sell the fruit and vegetables at, has been really enjoyable for everyone involved (including parent helpers)! 


Stone Age (2019/20)


To introduce our stone age topic we made biscuit Stonehenge for our 'big start'. We also made our own cave paintings and woolly mammoths!

For the homework project, children designed and created their own Stage Age caves which were fantastic (some can be seen in the photos below)!

Welcome to Lark Class  2019/20

What's The Matter? (Summer 1)

This half term we have have been learning all about states of matter for our Science topics. We started by exploring the different solids, liquids and gases around us in everyday life. We then conducted lots of exciting investigations inlucuding measuring the carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks to see if gas has weight and melting chocolate at different temperature to see how quickly it melted and to learn about melting and freezing points. All of our investigations focused on a process which helped us learn about the water cycle. To help us learn the four different stages, we made our own mini water cycles and have kept track of them in our classroom. We have been able to see all four stages as they happened! What do you think? 

World Book Day 2019

On Thursday 7th March 2019, St Christopher's celebrated World Book Day and got to dress as our favourite book character. The theme this year was 'wordless and wonderful' which meant that we got to do lots of work based on a picture book. Our picture book was called 'while you are sleeping' and we used our Guided Reading skills to make predictions and inferences. We also took part in the whole school story challenge and looked at some poetry. Can you guess which book characters we dressed as? 

Balmy Brazil (Spring 2)

To start our new geography topic 'Balmy Brazil' we learnt all about Brazilian carnivals and then had a go at making our own carnival masks. We listened to carnival music whilst we made them and then went to the hall with Doves and year 4 to show each other our masks. What do you think? Next, we're going to learn all about the Amazon rainforest!

Groovy Greeks (Spring 1)

This half term we have had a history based topic called 'Groovy Greeks' which has been based on Ancient Greece. We started our new topic by having a Greek food tasting session with Doves class and year 4. We got to try lots of different Greek foods such as pomegranate, hummus, olives, baklava and pita bread. We have also spent time learning what the Greek alphabet looks like and had a go at writing our own names in Greek. We have learnt about the Greek timeline and what BC stands for as well discovering the different Greek gods and goddesses. We have also looked at what the Olympics looked like in Ancient Greece and compared these to the London 2012 Olympics. On top of all of this, we have looked at Greek pottery and what the patterns and pictures on the pots can tell us about the past. We then planned and made our own paper-mache Greek pottery which is hanging proudly in our classroom. Yet again, Larks have also produced some fantastic pieces of pick 'n' mix homework from Greek shields and helmets to clothing and swords ... what do you think?

Light Up Your Life (Autumn 2)

We have had a science based topic this half term called 'Light Up Your Life' which has focussed on electricity and sound. We've had great fun discovering how electricity works by making our own circuits and going on electricity searches around the school. In addition to this, we have made and tested plastic telephone cups to show how sound travels through vibration. We also linked this to our Country Trust work about power. On top of all of this fantastic learning, Larks class have again shown how creative they are by creating some fantastic pieces of pick 'n' mix homework. Our homework includes electric circuits, musical instruments and even an electric circuit from a car ... doesn't it all look fantastic? 

Trip to CLAAS and Symonds Farm (Autumn 2)

As part of our Food Discovery course with Country Trust, we visited CLAAS and Symonds Farm near Bury St Edmunds. The very helpful staff at CLAAS taught us all about the different combine harvesters and tractors they sell and what jobs they do in a farmer's field. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to see how crops in much bigger fields than our vegetable patches are harvested. At Symonds Farm, we learnt how the methane that a cow produces can be turned into electricity and got to see the process happening. We had lots of fun on our trip and had opportunities to do maths and history activities too! 

Country Trust (Autumn 2)

This half term we have been incredibly lucky to work with Sally from the Country Trust on a Food Discovery course. Sally has been visiting us each week and teaching us all about fruit and vegetables. We (parents too!) have been taking part in sessions such as fun food quizzes, harvesting and sowing crops in our school vegetable patch, learning to cook using these crops and also selling them on a playground market to try and make a profit. We have really enjoyed our time working with Sally and have even linked this learning to our other lessons such as maths and topic! We are really looking forward to our trip as part of the course to CLAAS and Symonds Farm!

Wicked Wildlife (Autumn 1)

We have started year 3 with a science based topic called  'Wicked Wildlife'. We have learnt lots about wild animals such as how they form food chains and how they can be prey or a predator. We've also explored what different animals teeth look like and compared them to our own. As well as all of this, we spent some time making wildlife art with Doves class. Can you identify some of the animals we created? Larks have also produced some amazing wildlife themed pick 'n' mix homework from habitat models to paintings. We had a show and tell afternoon sharing all of our homework. This is just some of the fantastic work that Larks class produced. 

Welcome to Larks Class 2018/19

Welcome to Lark Class 2017/18


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