If any member of your household experiences symptoms of Covid-19 you must call 119 to arrange a test and inform the school. You must isolate for 14 days along with your household. Please inform the school of the outcome of the test. If your test results come back negative your child can return to school before the 14 day period ends. If the test is positive, please continue to follow NHS guidelines.

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SUMMER 2, WEEK 8 (20 - 21 July) TOPIC

SUMMER 2, WEEK 8 (20 - 21 July) READING

SUMMER 2, WEEK 8 (20 - 21 July) ENGLISH

SUMMER 2, WEEK 8 (20 - 21 July) MATHS

SUMMER 2, WEEK 7 (13 - 17 July) ENGLISH

SUMMER 2, WEEK 5 (29 June to 3 July) ENGLISH

SUMMER 2, WEEK 4 (22 to 26 June) ENGLISH

Week 3. ENGLISH 15-19 June 2020

Week 2. ENGLISH 8-12 June 2020

Summer 2. Week 1. WRITING 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

Work - English - Week 7 - 18th-22nd May 2020

Work - Reading - Week 4 - 27th April - 1st May 2020

Work - Reading - Week 3 - 20th - 24th April 2020

Plural or Possessive?

Making Ancient Egyptian Coffins

The Time Challenge

Exploring Reflective Symmetry

World Book Day Thursday 5th March 2020

Nessy - Reading and Spelling Support for Years 1 to 6
The company that produce the Nessy computer learning program have given us some free licences so that all children in Year 1 to Year 6 can access Nessy at home whilst schools are closed. 
Nessy can be used to support all pupils in reading and spelling, whether they have a barrier to their learning or not. The child takes an initial assessment so that the computer program can work out where the gaps are in their learning. These gaps are then targeted using a series of fun lessons. It is very important the child works independently on Nessy.
If you would like your child's user name and password, please contact your child's class teacher via class dojo message. Teachers are available each week on Monday and Wednesday between 2- 3pm. 


Work - Reading - Week 2 - 30th March - 3rd April 2020

Work - Maths - Week 1 - 23rd - 27th March 2020

The Country Trust 

Kestrel Class have been taking part in the Country Trust Project. They have done loads of exciting activities. These have included food tasting,cooking,planting,running a market stall and visiting a local farm.

Anglo-Saxon Brooches

During out topic lessons we have been exploring Anglo-Saxon clothing. The children designed and made an Anglo-Saxon brooch. Brooches were used by the Anglo-Saxons to hold their clothing in place.

Ancient Greek Pot Making

Kestrel Class have been making Ancient Greek pots made from clay. They looked at what the Ancient Greeks used pots for and researched various design and technigues involved in pot making.

Brazil Carnival Masks

In out Topic 'Balmy Brazil' Kestrel Class looked carnivals. Carnival in Brazil take place at the begiining of Lent. The children made their own carnival masks.

British Values


In Kestrel Class we looked at British Values. We discussed the values that are important to us as citizens of the United Kingdom, such as democracy , free speech and following the rules of law.

Exploring Sound 

Kestrel Class have been having a great time investigating sound and exploring pitch.  The children explored pitch through musical instruments.They discoved that sound travels in waves. They ordered musical instruments in groups from lowest pitch to hightest pitch.