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Stones and Bones! (Autumn 1)


Our first topic this year is all about the Stone Age, to kick start our topic we recreated Stonehenge out of biscuits! We spent time looking at photographs of the real life Stonehenge and talking about how that links to the Stone Age. We even did maths during our model building as we needed to measure out the correct amount of icing sugar and water. We worked together in teams to create our models, which was especially useful as it was a tricky but fun task. What do you think? 

Falcons Class 2019/20

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Welcome to Falcons!


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Setting description

Some children in Falcons class have been using straws to help them construct expanded noun phrases. Most children are able to identify the adjectives, nouns and prepositions in setting descriptions, and use these to make their writing more exciting. Well done Falcons!

World book day

World book day 1
We have had a brilliant World Book Day! The children spent the whole day looking at 'The Umbrella' by Ingrid and David Schubert. Thank you parents for out brilliant costumes!

Greek Food Tasting

Science investigations

We have been busy learning all about sound in our topic this half term, through different investigations. We placed tuning forks in water and hit a drum with beans on it to see the vibrations that sound makes. We also investigated what makes the best insulator. The children were very inventive with their ideas! 

British Values

 We have spent the afternoon learning about one of our British values- democracy. We spent lots of time debating different questions about democracy, such as who is in charge of the UK, should children vote and when do we use democracy in school. We also spent time making amazing union jacks, writing in words that we associate with living in a democracy. 

We have had a brilliant start to the year in Falcons class!


In our topic of wicked wildlife, we have studied food chains and webs. The children have spent a lot of time making different food chains, using the vocabulary of predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, producer and consumer.

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