The school is now closed for the summer break. All children return to school on Thursday 3rd September. Please refer to the letters dated 15th July for the start and finish times for your child. These letters can be found in the letters section of this website should you not have received a copy. Thank you

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SUMMER 2, WEEK 8 (20 - 21 July) MATHS

SUMMER 2, WEEK 8 (20 - 21 July) LITERACY

SUMMER 2, WEEK 7 (13 - 17 July) MATHS

SUMMER 2, WEEK 6 (6 to 10 July) MATHS

SUMMER 2, WEEK 5 (29 June to 3 July) PHSE

SUMMER 2, WEEK 5 (29 June to 3 July) LITERACY

SUMMER 2, WEEK 5 (29 June to 3 July) MATHS

Week 3. EAD 15-19 June 2020

Summer 2. Week 1. MATHS 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

Summer 2. Week 1. PHONICS 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

Summer 1 - EAD - Week 7 - 18th-22nd May 2020

Writing - Week 7 - 18th-22nd May 2020

Summer 1 - EAD - Week 6 - 11th-15th May 2020
Writing - Week 6 - 11th-15th May 2020
Literacy - Week 6 - 11th-15th May 2020
Maths - Week 6 - 11th-15th May 2020

Summer Term 1 - EAD - Week 4 - 27th April - 1st May 2020

Writing - Week 4 - 27th April - 1st May 2020

Self Isolation

Welcome to Ducklings Class


Spring 1: Houses and homes


The children are reading the story of The Tree Little Pigs. They were given the opportunity to explore the different types of material that each house was made from.


The Three Little Pigs


We discovered 2D and 3D shapes around us and made our own representations of houses using the different shapes. 

Valentine's Day

Wearing something we love on Valentines Day


Spring 2: The Deep Blue Sea


Discovering more about our world, the children have explored different sea creatures, tidal pools alongside different objects such as coins and also learnt about some fish that are magnetic. Practicing their literacy, they wrote a message in a bottle for the rainbow fish which they imagined would sail across the one of the five oceans of the world. They learnt about these five different oceans of the world on a treasure map and where they where on a compass north, south, east or West.

The Rainbow Fish


The children have been counting the total number of gem by adding the gems together in each bottle.


We have been developing our phonics knowledge and have started using our skills to write short sentences. 


We have been exploring object which float or sink.

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day the children dressed up as their favourite poem or book character. We enjoyed listening to some of our teachers favorite poems. We then worked together to identify all the rhyming words in the treasure.

How germs are spread

The children pretended that the green glitter was the germ. They then noticed that when they shook the hand of the person next to them, the glitter spread. After that, the children used the NHS hand washing song to help wash all the glitter (germs) off of their hands.

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

A child friendly song explaining how to wash your hands. For a written version of the full technique, head to The NHS website:

British Values

We read the story called Giraffes Can't Dance and talked about how we are all special and unique.