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Positivity, Respect, Independence, Determination, Equality in our distinctly Christian environment

Country Trust

Country Trust 2020/21 

A new school year has arrived and with it comes brand new opportunities to continue our successful Country Trust project with Sally Hetherington-Aherne. The Country Trust charity have a vision of "bringing food, farming and the countryside alive for children by sharing knowledge, igniting curiosity and broadening horizons". Sally has worked with our Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) children over the past few years to help deliver the food and nutrition part of the National Curriculum through growing, cooking and even selling fruit and vegetables. Since this project has begun we have also created a growing bed area in our school grounds which has proved to be popular with the children. 


You can learn more about Country Trust by visiting their website:

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Coronavirus and the national school closures in March didn't stop us from continuing on our Country Trust journey. With Sally's help, we set up a Country Trust lockdown project with the key worker children in school who spent time each day tending to the growing area. Whether that was by weeding, watering, harvesting or even sowing seeds (there was even a time when we all laid new bark) the children loved this part of our daily routine. We kept this page updated and Sally sent us regular videos for the children at home to watch and see what was going on in school when they couldn't be here. The project allowed St Christopher's to continue to be together albeit virtually through Country Trust. The children at home would also send in pictures of what they were growing in the space they had. We even made it into the local newspaper and BBC Radio Suffolk to discuss our project. You can see some pictures of our success below. 



Now that we are all back together in school we are going to continue the success of our Country Trust project. We've merged our lockdown project into one and will use the rest of this page to provide regular diary updates of what we're up to. 


Check back soon to see our updates!

Our Country Trust Lockdown Project

March 2020 - July 2020

We Made The Radio!

Earlier this year, Mr Etheridge was interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk host Lesley Dolphin all about our Country Trust project and how it helped St Christopher's remain a team during lockdown. He also talked about how Sally from the Country Trust continued to help us with her useful videos. They even sent us a special BBC certificate which is proudly on display in our reception area.

Listen to the interview below.

BBC Radio Suffolk - St Christopher's Country Trust Project

September 2020

At the end of the summer term, we left our growing area full of life and in the helpful hands of our Site Manager, Mr Thatcher who very kindly watered for us over the summer break. When we returned in September, everyone was amazed by the growing beds which were bursting with crops. Although looking slightly jungle like, it quickly became an area the children loved to get lost in as they explored the different flowers and vegetables that had continued to grow in our absence. It was also the first time for many of the children to see the growing area in real life as they returned to school following the national lockdown. The crops we had included: runner beans, potatoes, tomatoes, sweetcorn, and courgettes. The most popular crop was of course the pumpkins we had grown for harvest which over the summer had managed to jump out of their growing bed and creep along the floor. The children loved watching the pumpkins grow and slowly turn orange. We even used them in our world maths day celebrations where the children estimated the weight of them using their knowledge or grams and kilograms. One of our year 4 classes took this one step further by taking part of the growing area back to their classroom. They hung some green tomatoes in the window to watch the ripening process happen in front of their eyes. They also did the same with some runner beans to watch them change from beans to seeds. 

What do you think to our results? 

January 2021