St Christopher's Church of England Primary School



At St Christopher's, we follow the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC). The PKC places ‘Powerful Knowledge’, knowledge that takes students beyond their own experiences, at the heart of the primary curriculum.

Our curriculum is divided into subjects, recognising the identity of the disciplines we study, fostering a love for subject content that will flourish as children move through the curriculum. Our curriculum nurtures the minds of children who will think often and deeply. Pupils will be taught meaningful content that builds on their prior knowledge. Drawing on research-based cognitive science, there are carefully planned opportunities to recall and revisit vital prior knowledge and to strengthen retrieval from lesson to lesson, unit to unit and year to year. The knowledge base encourages children to infer, question, interpret, analyse, argue and reason. Most importantly, the PKC provides children with the tools they need to participate in their own education that will continue for a lifetime.


If you would like to find out more about your child's learning, please don't hesitate to contact their class teacher or the Deputy Headteacher who is responsible for teaching and learning.