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Our school was named after the local church, St. Christopher's.  St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and this is thus a fitting name for a village which was, for many years, a resting place for weary pilgrims on their way to the shrine at Walsingham.

The logo was designed by www.studio-april.com in conjunction with a team formed of pupils, teachers, parents and the local council..  Their brief was to come up with a simple design which reflected our Christian values and caring ethos.

The logo can be interpreted in a number of ways:  St. Christopher and the baby Jesus, teacher and child or parent and child, all showing support for the young.

St. Christopher himself was a tall man with a fearsome face.  He decided to serve "the greatest King there was" (God).  It was suggested to him that he could serve God by helping people to cross a dangerous river where otherwise they might perish.  St. Christopher promised that this was a job he would do with vigour.

One day, a child asked St. Christopher to take him across the river.  During the crossing, the river became swollen and the child seemed as heavy as lead, so much so that Christopher could scarcely carry him and found himself in great difficulty.  When he finally reached the other side, he said to the child, "You have put me in great danger.  I do not think that the whole world would have been as heavy on my shoulders as you were".  The child replied "You had on your shoulders, not only the whole world, but Him who made it.  I am Christ your King, whom you are serving by this work.  Then the child vanished.

As a school, we believe that we need to support our pupils and their families, particularly through any difficult times that they may experience.


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