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Welcome to Cygnets!

Here are some activities the children in Cygnets enjoy doing

Autumn 1 Topic - Knowing me, Knowing you


Our first topic this year was 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'. The children had the chance to learn about themselves and talk about those people that are special to them. The children really enjoyed sharing photographs of people that were special to them and talking about where some of the pictures were taken.

As part of our topic we enjoyed a visit from Sergeant Duncan. He talked about the role of a police officer and some of the different tasks a police officer has to do. He also let us look at some of his equipment and try on some police hats. We then had the chance to look and sit in his car and hear the sirens and see the lights!
In this term we also celebrated Harvest. We made Scarecrow hats and learnt the song 'I'm a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'. The children really enjoyed performing to the rest of the school in our Harvest assembly.
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Autumn 2 Topic - 'Let's Celebrate'


We started our topic with a birthday party for our class bear, Brambles. The children invited their own bears and dolls to join in the party. We made party hats, played games and decorated biscuits.

We have also learnt about other celebrations such as Bonfire night and the story of Guy Fawkes, Divali and the story of Rama and Sita and Christian weddings.
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Odd Sock Day


During anti-bullying week we took part in Odd Sock Day. We wore odd socks to show that everyone is different but we are all equal. We really enjoyed making our own 'Odd' socks to show we are all unique and had fun watching and dancing to 'Andy and the Odd Socks'. We all agreed  that we should choose Respect!


Picture 1

Andy and the Odd Socks - 'CHOOSE RESPECT'

This song was written for Anti Bullying Week 2018. Directed by James Tonkin A Ninja Pig Production 2018 A very special thank you to all the kids that helped us make our video! Andy and the Odd Socks are patrons for the Anti Bullying Alliance.

Children in Need


The whole school took part in supporting Children in Need. The children really enjoyed wearing non-uniform and raising money for charity.

Talk for Writing


In 'Talk for Writing' we have learnt the story of 'The Ginger Bread man' and followed instructions to make a fruit salad. The children really enjoyed putting their cooking skills to the test when following the instructions as shown below.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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British Values

Throughout the year Cygnets will learn about British Values. During the autumn we have learnt that every one of us is special, different and individual and that we should always respect one another. We have also discussed why we have rules both in and outside of school and how we can use them to help us make sensible decisions.

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In phonics we have learnt all of the Phase 2 sounds and have also been developing our skills in both blending (putting the sounds together to read) and segmenting (cutting words into their sounds). The children have started to use these skills independently.

Please find below some useful websites that you can use to help support your child at home. As we progress through the year we will add more sites that relate to the current learning.